Deep blue and calamine pink flowers with pale orange and olive green details, on a neutral ground.


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ready to ship in 3-4 weeks

Made to measure lampshades are depicted with trim colors as accurately as possible, however: monitors can't always be trusted to read a color, and the scale of a print will depend on the size of the finished lampshade. Each textile shown represents an approximately 12" square, and as a result textiles are shown to scale relative to each other, side by side. If you are unsure of color or scale and would like a cut sample, please send a note.

standard and custom sizing

This textile is available for order in the sizes listed; for help sorting out what size you might need, you can read more about fitting lampshades to fixtures here. Custom sized wire frames can be ordered for an additional $30-$50, with an extra 2-3 weeks lead time. Pricing will almost always be in line with a comparable size, based on diameter. If you'd like to order this textile in a custom size, please send a note with specifics.

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