Perrotine lampshades are made almost entirely by hand, from vintage silks and cottons sourced from India.

Softly gathered at top, and more precisely pleated at the bottom, they strike a nice balance between relaxed and formal, but are always polished with their tailored linen lining and silk or ribbon trim. Underpinning the fabric is an ivory cotton ribbon, and 100% silk thread, on higher gauge wire frames with brass finish fittings.

Several hours of handwork go into each lampshade: measuring, cutting, pinning, gathering and stitching.

wrap top and bottom rings of a wire frame with cotton tape
gather the top of the fabric and stitch to the top ring
pleat, pin and stitch the bottom of the fabric to the bottom ring
cut an arc of linen to fit, run a seam, press and stitch to inside of the frame
stitch linen to cover each spoke of the fitting, and stitch or glue trim